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Bassey Essien from Nigeria message

Bassey Essien from Nigeria message
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I am so excited being given an opportunity to contest for this CAR FROM JAPAN competition.Being an Optimist,I am highly inspired and do not loose faith in my ability to succeed, besides if I don’t succeed the first time,I’ll try again and again. I am a firm believer that anything is possible as long as you put your mind and energy towards it.Self confidence plays a huge role in success.I remember when I saw the Blog post announcing the competition yesterday, I seriously thought to myself “Someone will win,why can’t it be me and so I allowed this concept worm it’s way into my brain.What I take from this is that pretty much everyone is afraid of failure, but you don’t have to be less afraid than fellow competitors.You just have to push through those feelings for a few seconds longer than the rest of the people and you will find yourself succeeding more than you expected. YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WINNER. This is so true to me.
Once again, I wish to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for this wonderful opportunity and wishing myself best of luck.

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