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Bahati Boniphasi Maregesi from Tanzania message

Bahati Boniphasi Maregesi from Tanzania message
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My name is Bahati Boniphasi Maregesi.

Thank for getting me on-board this wonderful team – CAR FROM JAPAN! I have always been a Japanese-car’s fan from when I was young and this is because here in Tanzania Japanese used cars are used more than any other cars in the world; and because of that even spare parts are easy and cheap to get. If someone has a Japanese used car, or a Japanese new car for that matter, it’s very easy to get their vehicle repaired when they get a breakdown. So I recommend people to join CAR FROM JAPAN to have a chance of winning cars from them.

CAR FROM JAPAN is the best platform in which people from Tanzania and other parts of Africa should consider to use to make their car’s dreams possibe. If I win this wonderful gift of Toyota Vitz which is my dream car, from CAR FROM JAPAN, I will be the happiest guy in the world!

There is only one reason why you should pick me as the winner: I LOVE CARS FROM JAPAN, and now I love the CAR FROM JAPAN platform because they have shown their way of making a difference in the sense of making people of this world happy by giving away cars.

I am looking forward to winning a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN soon. Thank you so much.

Warm regards,

Bahati Boniphasi Maregesi
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

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