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Avril Clark from Australia message

Avril Clark from Australia message
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Hi Lan
Thank you first of all for making these competitors and responding and talking to me. As you now just like everyone else
I really want a car especially from u guys. I have been trying for the past two years and I really desperately want to win. I believe and have the confidence I will make it to this competition but the very important thing why I should be picked as the winner is I value the cars your website Carsfrom Japan and believe that they are to be of a high quality compared to the cars made from other parts of the world, If choosen as the winner I will spread the word on all my social media pages about youg guys “cars from Japan” and tell them how durable they are and there are of high quality and luxurious and very comfortable to drive in them. All cars from Japan are branded with names besides being Toyota or Nissan.. I really wanted to pick more makes of cars but it only allowed me to choose four. I also have a suggestion of makes to add next giveaway and they are: Aston Martin,rolls Royce and add more models for each make like Ferrari add 458 488 California, berlinetta and the rest. Only do it if it is possible. And again I really want to win this car from Japan giveaway So please read this.

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