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augustino from Tanzania message

augustino from Tanzania message
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My is Augustino mbilinyi I come from to Tanzania. I am very happy I receive this offer of cad from Japan.offer is fantastic to me because I was never experienced to see that kind of offer of car from Japan.also its my first time I play that way I give up everything when I do because I want to be the winner of this challenge. I was sharing this to my friend but they told me am going to lose my time.istared to join and the time when am lose my lunch my friend hey laughing to me.they say say to to me i lose on my time to join this offer cars from japan they speaking to me but am not discourage wishes isThis the aim and hope of this offer from Japan it is amazing and good to all people of the world. This offer lead me to opened my mind .am real very happy to get this offer of car from Japan because I live to have my own car from Japan and driving myself and this is due to their good quality and nice appearance,I mean they a looking beautiful. I beliave dream are going to happene now. I think this offer make me to fill critical thinker and to know many different things between cars made Japan and other countryside like China Canada and U.S.A.but am glad also because through of this offer of car from Japan lead me to know how cars from Japan made,how marketing and being supplied to other countrys and lastly how they a going to be used.My day is going to end happily with full of joyful due to the offer of car from Japan I get and I am going to share my happiness with my family and friends the day when I will be the winner of this day bright and light on my vission In short am real happy and proud myself by being the one who selected to be in this offer of cars from Japan. I have nothing to say about this because I do not know on how I am going to express my mood to the mass.Once I will be the be the winner of this offer of cars from Japan. First I will be more on happily and exposed my great thanks to the people from Japan who made and prepared this offer of cars from Japan , second I will make different advertisement to spread informations about cars from Japan. And I will find a way to make many people to understand well that good and quality cars are from Japan. Thanks to all people from JapaThis

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