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Augustine Balige from Tanzania message

Augustine Balige from Tanzania message
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Every young person has a dream to own a good car in his life time, I am with that dream to own a car and i am working hard to achieve it, wow getting a free car, especially a car from Japan is like getting your wish answered ,the reason why I should be picked as a winner is just simple, I run many social economic and voluntary activities, in trying to reach the less fortunate below my economic status, and help them grow and develop. for example I have to travel over 200 miles a week, visiting different projects i run with my young youth professional club here in Dar es salaam Tanzania,like water project, medical camps, mentorship programs, peace and conflict resolutions, in Bagamoyo a town in the outcast of Dar es salaam the major city in Tanzania, and many other part of the country where needs arise and I feel we need to go and do something to help that particular community facing a certain challenge, most of the times, i have to use public transport, which don’t reach deep down to the villages where our most projects are. it is still expensive to hire cars when taking goods to those places I serve and meet the locals, the amount of money I spend a week which is around 50 USD I could instead use it to buy more goods and improve on the service i offer to the locals, thus why I humbly wish to picked as a winner, I wouldn’t wish to be hindered by means of communication like transportation, in giving voluntary service to the challenged society in my country. winning a free car will not have won it as the individual but with the community i serve and represent here in Africa particularly from Tanzania where I reside.
apart from that I have recently picked an interest in cars for future understanding about the best mode of car i should own, Cars from Japan was my only brand in my mind, hence i subscribed for daily updates to know more about cars, new models, prices, engine fuel consumption and spare availability, this shows that i have a deep interest with cars from Japan, winning a car will be my moment of ecstasy.
Owning a means of transport in my country is not just for a prestigious reason but it is a necessity, but it matters which type of car you have to choose to meet all your day to day needs and requirements, like picking a car which you can manage to fuel it, thus with the manageable engine strength with less fuel consumption, a car which its spare parts can be easily accessible, with multipurpose user ability, durability, on road stability and economy friendly.
Therefore a best choice is always a mode of car from Japan, I am not a good car expert but still I am not naive about cars, in y country they always say, “a car in-front of you, is always a Toyota” this means cars from Japan has been a widely chosen and accepted car brands in My country Tanzania, and more to that there is a good diplomatic relationship and business treaties between the government of Tanzania and Japan,
Cars from Japan have served our country as the best model of means of transport for many years far long before i was born, hence the widely accepted brand, there has been a great modification and constant upgrades of Japanese cars, that meets with the developing world, affordable and user friendly. As I said I am not a good car expert but with the little observatory knowledge I have, cars from Japan are everyone’s choice, dream and a want to own one, so I am.
Thanks and kind regards for this wonderful opportunity, I hope to win one, I appreciate all the sponsors who are willing to give a free car for us who a passionate and in dire need of a car from Japan.

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