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Asiya Salisu from Nigeria message

Asiya Salisu from Nigeria message
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Hello, my name is Asiya Salisu. I think car from Japan should pick me as the winner of this competition not because I’m better than my competitors but because getting this car will make a difference in my life. It will bring happiness to me and my family. In fact it can be the best thing that has happened to me this whole year. I mean, I’m a student struggling to make a living, having a car of my own will make a difference in my life. It’s an important thing to make a difference in someone’s life thereby I’m calling on car from japan to please choose me as the winner because it will make a difference in my life and winning this competition means the world to me. It will make me and my family happy. I only have my mother who helps me financially apart from her I have nobody. I lost my dad when I was like 10 years old. My Mum saw me through this hard time. Took care of me, my studies and my well being. I know if I win this car it will make her proud of me and she will be happy and it will make a difference in our lives. Make us happy please car from Japan. Give me a car so that I can take good care of my mum. Please consider me car from Japan and make me the winner. Thanks

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