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Anne Akinyi Adede from Kenya message

Anne Akinyi Adede from Kenya message
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I believe i can be a great ambassador of Car From Japan, I am a banker who deals in Asset Finance, I have interactions with thousands and thousands of clients and car dealers as well, whom directly or indirectly are involved with car from Japan either through intermediaries or directly. I therefore can be an awesome ambassador who will spread positivism and awesome appeal about Car From Japan. I would also love to be your point of contact in Kenya and would love to do business with you in the near future as i know this is a lucrative and fun busines, most importantly am in LOOOOOOOve with car from Japan as you always have amazing offers,at amazing prices and generally awesome product outlook! I look forward to being your ambassador and therefore am the best choice you will ever make, if you choose me as your winner.

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