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Andrew Ng'ang'a Kung'u from Kenya message


Let me start by a memory-As we crossed over to 2016 i had one prayer in my lips and in my heart -“Almighty Father,i know you know one by one of our heart’s desires,i know you have placed my dreams and hopes on my path, i won’t give you deadlines or ultimatums on when to deliver your promises to me but if you will bless with money and strength i will be much grateful if you bless with with a car between now and year 2017,thanks that you have heard my prayers,thank you Father for what I’m expecting,Amen” thanks to CAR FROM JAPAN for the opportunity you may actualise my prayer and dream
If i win the car all glory to God,if i don’t win much glory to Lord,it will be His will,what matters is i did my best.
Well the post said “say something nice” but the funny thing about me is that I’m not good in nice words: I’m good in truth, i call it as it is.. When the promotion started i joined the promotion just like others but for me it was for fun i was like “let me see what will happen ” and what has happened is that I’ve come to check CAR FROM JAPAN co, stock and their ratings and for sure now i can recommend them for friends
Japanese used cars are almost as new and three words define them, SAFETY,QUALITY and DURABILITY.. they are the best suited cars for a place like Kiambu where i live with a bit rough road thus making you feel comfortable despite rough roads.
It’s safe to Import from CAR FROM JAPAN CO they have proven to be reliable, also the safety extends to their cars-they are buy and drive cars.Also they are of good quality to last longer..and above all spares are readly available considering Kenya is the number one importers of Japanese cars.
If i win this car i will be ambassador of two brands:CAR FROM JAPAN CO and positive social media use..
I choose those two CAR FROM JAPAN because they have won my heart and trust.. I’ve read reviews and comments and there is no single case of conning..
My second brand:positive social media use..this is because back in 2007 in Kenya social media was marked as one tool that fueled and lead to post elections violence in Kenya, many Kenyans lost their lives and properties..i lost great friends during that time,so my understanding is if it was used back then for negative thing then i believe it can also be used for positive and rewarding things so in simple terms i will be ambassador of peace and positive social media use.Faith and trust is built on things we see, feel and touch so my car win will be easy for convincing.
To the Car from Japan team may God/Allah bless you and expand your borders
To the participants,this is a competition and there must be winners and losers,so if you win give thanks to Lord and support this great team,to the losers life must continue and there is always next time so don’t lose hope,otherwise Aluta continua..push on

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