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Americo Muiambo from Mozambique message

Americo Muiambo from Mozambique message
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Because in my country Mozambique it’s very difficult to buy a car because dollar is so higher. I once bought a car from Japan a Corolla crystal light from a third hand and I enjoyed it very much and I sold it. At the moment I’ve money 1000 US dollar I’ld like to buy a car Mazda Atenza or any other car from the one that Car From Japan promotes from 1 US dollar but the shipment is so expensive and the taxes applied here in my country are too. So I display the willing to be the winner, because as you promissed to take the car from Japan to my port here in Maputo if I become the winner the rest I can pay.
I’m from Maputo and I’m a teacher of a Primary school in Milange District but I’m a student of the Pedagogical University second year in Mocuba District (200 km) separetes the two Districts and that Corolla that I sold used to help me to go to the University now I depend on Mitsubishi Canters because transportation here in Mozambique it’s a big problem.
Please I need your help in the shipment to Maputo because if don’t get your help I’ll spend all the money.
The cars from Japan are the most resistent than it’s made in neighbour the South Africa
Please don’t worry about the mistakes in the text I wrote because our official language is Portuguese.

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