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Américo António Muiambo from Mozambique message

Américo António Muiambo from Mozambique message
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Because I am doing my best to deserve it by sharing the Car From Japan link, post it in my facebook page, inviting friends to join in the contest by email and for along time I was waiting for opportunity like this of winning a free car in the internet.
I think it is a great japanese quality used car seller and the warranty starts in the aquisition of the vehicle to your port.
Car From Japan is giving a chance to achieve the poorest pleople dreams like me and I thank for the initiative because there are many japanese used car sellers but I have never heard that they are giving a free car from Japan to your final destination where you are from in your port and that there are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th winners and many prizes available it sounds like a miracle for many of us.
I display the willing to be in the top of winners list no matter if it is first, second, third por fourth what actually interests me is to become one of the winners but if I don’t succeed because I got in the contest later I’ll wait for the next one because no matter winning or loosing the most importante thing is to participate.
Thank you CAR From Japan you are not only giving a car but a hope for us por people.

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