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Alves João Lemos from Mozambique message

Alves João Lemos from Mozambique message
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Hi.. You should pick me as the winner because 3 months ago I helped one of my friends to buy the car in your company, Which means that if I win this prize I can make or some people can get interested after having seen me with this prize. People will get more interested in wanting to know how I did succeed to win one of your cars. So most people will be persuaded in wanting to buy the cars in your company. And as you know they will think that one of them will be the next one winning the prize.
What I think about CAR FROM JAPAN I can say that your cars are in day, they are not overused, they are comfortables and they are sold in good price! There’s no shooting up about the price of the cars. And people can use your cars for many years out of the countries!!

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