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Ally from Tanzania message

Ally from Tanzania message
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Hellow !
picking me a winner from this competition has a returnable profit back to Japan ,I will advertise japanese car around the regions in my country, as you know tanzania consists so many regions about thirty regions at large and many districts with a huge population, Tanzania has so many city councils and car from japan are mostly consumed in tanzania.advetising them will be simple.

I have many friends accross regions of tanzania who I can share important information from japan direct to them.

I used to find car from japanes exporters like BE FORWARD,SBT,CAR DEAL ,ENHANCE AUTO and ICM MOTOR and act as intemediary by connecting buyers .

I am a be forward supporter with BF ID 252913 ,so am farmiliar with a car bussiness in tanzania.

am familiar with tax matters which helps me in planning which car to import at a right time,infact many people comes to me ,asking help and consulting for importation of their containers,car etc
i have a close relationship with clearing agents who registered in Tanzania and who can clear and delivering goods outside tanzania, it is very open that tanzania has many ports and near by countries we call our neighbours who do not have ports use our ports to clear their imports .
Countries use tanzania ports includes Rwanda,burundi,congo drc,uganda zambia.sometimes kenya ,malawi and mozambique.
I own a company known as aramco for bussiness deals including importing cars from japane

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