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ALI KIBWANA MWASAA from Kenya message

ALI KIBWANA MWASAA from Kenya message
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Fist of all i would like to thank you for allowing me to participate in this competition. I feel that i should be picked as the winner because i have been dreaming of driving a car from Japan even though i have not so far accumulated enough money to buy one. I have been traveling a lot as a student of a secondary school then a college and later a Nairobi university. All these institution had buses from japan. My best friend has a Toyota corolla which is economically and spare parts are real available at Mombasa other outlets.
Cars from Japan are reliable easy to drive and control. They also do not use a lot of fuel .The cars are very comfortable to drive or to travel in. The replaceable parts of these cars,takes a long time before replacing them which make them worth what they cost in the market. They are also durable as one can use it for a long period of time before buying another car. Driving these cars is also easy as it takes a short time for one to be conversant with the driving mechanism.
Japan used cars can too be used for a long period of time compared with second hand cars from other parts of the world.In major cities of Kenya one will see that most of the second hand cars which people are driving are from Japan .
The price of both cars from Japan are pocket friendly as they are not as expensive as other brands of the same capacity from other countries.
The outside shapes of these cars are attractive and of different designed to fit the taste of different people.The inner parts of these cars are decorated and fit well to the other parts.The statistical design of these cars is second to non. One will always treasure his or her car from Japan.
A car from Japan whether new or used makes one to be proud to be associated with it. My friend always used to say ”I love my car”
In general i would say that these cars are cheap in term of price and maintenance , they are durable and reliable. I would not hesitate to tell my friend who want to buy a car to buy one from Japan .
Lastly i say that if i win the car i will advertise only Japanese cars.

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