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ALFRED. SIKILIMBIN from Papua New Guinea message

ALFRED. SIKILIMBIN from Papua New Guinea message
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Thanks LAN Phan,
I am very glad and passionate in what you say and advertise in this completion. my comments to CAR FROM JAPAN is very interesting and I will share withy you my points. first of all, your customer service in responding to emails and phone calls are very, very good. its 100 % plus. once, I send the email message, I receive the reply, within seconds, congratulations for that communication network. secondly, all the vehicles that you are advertising on the media are very clean and neat. most of them run on Diesel engines. in Papua new guinea, diesel cars are highly recommended because of the road conditions. I like driving diesel engine cars, because they are though in rugged mountains like PNG.
And finally, the quality of the cars from japan cars are very good.
thank you

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