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Alexander Morris from USA message

Alexander Morris from USA message
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At the moment, I fancy a nice car. Im not sure if a car from Japan fits the bill, but I do know Japan has a better quality control on their cars, thus import fees into the usa are insane. I would certainly be able to make use of the vehicle as well as be able to promote the car brand via social media such as: twitter, facebook, and google plus. You guys could even brand the vehicle with advertising and I would still be inclined to drive it. Why? Because you guys are awesome for giving away brand new vehicle to somebody who is very lucky or very needy. Im not sure if luck has anything to do with need, but right now; I do not own a vehicle at the moment. I, currently, have given my vehicle to a family that was in more need of it. I do think that good deeds are rewarded when you help those in need. This vehicle would mean alot to the folks in my family and my grandparents could make use of the vehicle as well. I am currently trying to go into the military and help make my country better. A new vehicle would help lessen the burden of needing a vehicle while trying to enter.

My qualities as an individual: hmmm… thats a good topic to bring up to you guys. Im pretty much a tech guru, as I love/breath new tech. This would be the reason why I am looking forward to joining the Air Force, which is very tech orientated and my best shot at a future. My most redeeming feature: my willingness to help those in need, albeit my ability to do so. I do think a vehicle would help do so. Volunteering within my community would help keep me active during entry into the military. But, currently, I dont have employment.

The economy does suck here currently in the USA. We have Trump and Hillary Clinton, the two worst political candidates so far in USA history. Why I mention this? I do not think the economy will suddenly get better, which pertains to my shot at employment. Thus, being able to afford a vehicle; let alone even qualify without employment at the moment.

I think I might have come off to strong as, “Me want it now, type of attitude”. I do hope that the most luckiest person alive gets to win this awesome vehicle straight from Japan. Where better to enjoy getting your latest ride from? Thanks for reading my entry and have a wonderful day.

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