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Albert W.Kapala from Tanzania message

Albert W.Kapala from Tanzania message
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In my life i have been using different brand of JAPANESE USEDNCAR, i used to tell people Japan is where cars were born. When you talk of car you talk of Japan. Wherever you go in my country you will find different brands of JAPANESE USED CAR. Toyota is one of the best brand of CAR FROM JAPAN, i love, the spares are easily available at affordable costs. Japan, the country of mount Fuji…!!! I love driving car from Japan. I wonder why dont we have the brand so called Fuji?? In onrder to thank you God for giving Japan a natural gift?? I think the Japanesse have to think about that, its important even in tourism, you promote your own local natural resources. JAPANESE USED CAR are very popular here in Tanzania, for example am living in appartment here in Dar es salaam the total number of families is around 20, and every family have around 2 JAPANESE USED CAR
I have two JAPANESE USED CAR here at home namely Ipsum and OPA both are TOYOTA and JAPANESE USED CAR, between them i love OPA…..!! I have been driving OPA for 5 years now, it was my first JAPANESE USED CAR, i bought here in Tanzania in a certain yard where there were different brands of CAR FROM JAPAN. OPA as a USED car from Japan, is very nice car, when you are driving it you feel so comfortable and it has the big speed.
JAPANESE USED car are very popular in my country, and have created very big business among citizens. For example there are people who sells spareparts for CAR FROM JAPAN, you will find they have employed a number of people, also there are people who fix the spare in a car also a number of people have been employed there, so there is value chain brought for this business of JAPANESE USED CAR. So operating a business related to.
Also if you buy a JAPANESE USED CAR, you are sure that the vehicle is well functioning, there is no any technical problem as before any CAR FROM JAPAN is exported to the other country it has to go through inspection (JAAI) so this makes JAPANESE USED CAR more popular in terms of quality and thats why we Tanzania we trust JAPANESE USED CAR!!!
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Albert Kapala
+255 768 202040

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