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Ahukannah.O.Michael from Nigeria message

Ahukannah.O.Michael from Nigeria message
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I write to express my interest to be picked as a winner in this year’s competition. Picking me as a winner would not only solve my mobility need, but most importantly it would go a long way in convincing doubtful residents of my state that indeed car from Japan is for real and has come to stay and that buyers can rely on car from Japan for quality cars and timely delivery after payment.
It would also enable me to become a brand ambassador of car from Japan and by so doing i can promote the company in all the 12 south east and south south states of my country Nigeria. Nigerians have a habit of believing what they can see, feel and touch and as such if i win my car will be a good testament for millions of people in this part of the world to want to do business with car from Japan company.
I would also like to cease this opportunity to say that car from Japan does not have a local presence in this part of my country Nigeria and that i would like to become your local partner when i win.
Thank you so much as i look forward to winning and partnering with your company in the future.
Ahukannah. O. Michael

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