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Agwu Collins from Niue message

Agwu Collins from Niue message
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First I’m very much delighted to be part of this great event by Cars from Japan. Its something I believe I would remember for the rest of my life. To have a car from Japan would be a dream come true.
I want to be among the winners of this summer car giveaway. As an African kid living in Africa I have heard a lot about the technological advances of Japan. Now I’m 23 I think it will be great to have something from Japan that tells of this.
Another point is it will be awesome to be an ambassador of cars from Japan Co Ltd in my country. I always believe that there is reward for determination and hard work.
Also this might be my first step towards my visit to Japan. I admire the culture, people and the natural endowment of the country.
Again Japanese cars are among the best in the world and I would be proud to own one.

I count it a rare privilege to be associated with you.

Thank you.

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