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Aggrey from Kenya message

Aggrey from Kenya message
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I am a car enthusiast and I visit your site everyday. This is my dream and I would love to own a car which is affordable and does not hurt my pocket during purchase and when paying for insurance. I love Subaru and being from Japan I know getting a good car with these specifications this would be the right place. I am in Kenya and owning a car is a luxury but to me it’s more of a necessity and I need one so desperately.
I prefer the Subaru Forester because it’s a monster on the road and has great four wheel drive capabilities. In Kenya it is greatly overpriced and that’s the reason why I chose this site to see and compare the prices.
CAR FROM JAPAN is a a good site that makes you feel like you can afford a car and the prices for the various models are not exaggerated or over priced. In Kenya we are allowed by the government to import only cars which are 7 years old from the manufacturing year and this means the price will be comsiderably high as you but a car that’s is closer to the current year we are in.
Please consider me a hard working medical professional who dedicates his life to teaching and ensuring that health facilities and services are delivered on time and to the right person at the right time. A car would greatly improve my life and I will be able to assist the community by providing them with the best services and with considerable amount of time.
Please consider me and you’ll have done great service to the community and the people of Kenya as I will be able to provide the best health services even to the distant places that would not be reached on time due to inaccessibility.
Thank you in advance,
Aggrey Makokha

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