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ADEBAYO TEJUMAIYE from Nigeria message

ADEBAYO TEJUMAIYE from Nigeria message
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I deserve to be picked because I love cars from Japan so much so that words are inadequate to express the magnitude of my admirable for cars from Japan. Car from Japan is like a girlfriend you dream of marrying and which all of a sudden becomes the precious wife in your reality….You will cherish it forever , not so? Such is what car from Japan is to me ”a cherished companion”

Cars from Japan are fantastic, Japanese used cars look more like new and I love them , I desire them . What’s more? I love the electronic attraction in them which add extra value! I LOVE JAPA! I have seen my friend and family live in Japan , looking through pictures of these friends and family made me love Japan….Japanese are not rough , their ways of handling cars are excellent and admirable!
Japanese used cars are far better than new cars from other places!
In terms of designs Cars from Japan are the best……Exteriors and interiors of Japanese cars are wonderful , colourful and beautiful.
In terms of safety I go for cars from Japan….You look at Japanese Toyota brands and Volvo you get the best you want in cars……Cars from Japan are well designed in terms of safety , in terms of comforts then when you talk about efficiency cars from Japan are the best. This is why in my Country Nigeria, the best Car brands are Toyota which are part of the family of CARS FROM JAPAN.
Aside the above , Japanese technology is the best in the world, second to none in the world. And this excellence in technology have been modelled and channelled into making CARS FROM JAPAN the best in the world.
How about consideration for the family? Cars from Japan are designed to fit that role… have the caravans, the space buses ! It is a whao! for cars from Japan.

When you look at fuel efficiency then you consider CARS FROM JAPAN……In terms of fuel consumption and efficiency Cars from Japan are just economical. Despite the attractions and their luxurious looks cars from Japan are very economical, you save funds because they consume less fuel….Toyota is an example!.
With cars from Japan your own you enjoy unquantifiable Value added benefits much more than what you paid to have one of these cars from Japan.. You enjoy more than what you paid on car from Japan when you buy one.
Cars from Japan are easy to drive, you never get tired of holding the steering for the comfort you derive from the drives which are smooth , a result of good technology employed in making Cars from Japan.

Most admirable about cars from Japan is that ….CARS FROM JAPAN have second hand value! You use a car from Japan for 6 years and when you are reselling there is every possibility you get at least 405 of the amount you paid to buy same car back! What a great benefit ! The wisest decision when buying a car is to go for CARS FROM JAPAN, never a regret.

I am ready to go 100,000 kilometres if that is what it requires for me to have a Japanese Car .
CAR FROM JAPAN is like a precious wife you cherish so much and ‘wanna’ spend the rest of your life with…..I am ready to walk a long distance to have one for myself ! Its a worthy walk for a car from Japan .

Lagos, Nigeria.

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