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Zviad Dolidze from Georgia message

Zviad Dolidze from Georgia message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,

You are very beautiful and amazing woman as beautiful and amazing is your great country – Japan where I have been several years ago and found there the fantastic world.
Your letter is interesting. Really I do not like to apply in such competitions but now I think to do that. Maybe it is successful.
I am researcher from Georgia (Eastern Europe) and like the Japanese cinema with Ozu, Mizoguchi, Kurosawa, Naruse, etc. – the greatest art in the world film history. That’s why I have visited Japan and earned many knowledge in Japanese cinema. After all I wrote the book about this on my language.
Why I say everything this – because of my love to Japan and Japanese people, its history and culture, its modern life and high hospitality.
God bless you and your country!
I have never used the service of Car from Japan or Japanese used Car but really my family has only Japanese cars – Mazda and Pontiac (this last you know is the modification of Toyota).
We think that those Japanese cars are the bests in the world. That is the content of my interest and that’s why I have decided to participate in this competition.
I do not know why you should pick me as the winner – that is your choice.
About the Car From Japan – I know from many of my friends that your company is very useful and many people of my country try to buy the cars from your company. It means that this company is very popular in my country. Congratulations!

With great respect,

Dr. Prof. Zviad Dolidze

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