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ZENA MSILIM from Tanzania message

ZENA MSILIM from Tanzania message
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increase awareness, you should pick me as a winner because my country is a developing country and most of the people can afford used car from japan.And me winning the car from japan would aware most of Tanzanians that there is a japanese used car and you can make a lot of sell as a part of advertising.

i like a car from japan , i believe in winning this even if i wont win the car from japan but one day with God’s wishes next year i will have japanese used cars.

my thinking on japanese used car
japanese used cars are affordable to tanzanians. The price of buying a brand new car is different from a brand new car and from our low economic situation we can mostly afford only used cars from japan. Tanzanian can live and drive japanese high quality and cars with name like mercedez benz

japanese used cars are of high quality. dispite the factor that they are used cars they are used is because they are used no one will know they are used without telling them these are used cars from japan. the used cars from japan are of very high quality like brand new cars.

japanese used cars are durable . one of friends bought japanese used car a years ago and till today he drive it and still good car i like it.
it is easy process to import a car from japan. i saw my brother in law bought a car from japan in days he has it. and because it was easy he sold it to another person and buy again a from japan from this i new that importing a car from japan was easy and affordable.

saves time and cost, dispite of visiting cars in show room one can only see cars from japan in your website and and save that travel to show room cost and time.

trusted people and their car. other people buy japanese used car from japan even without being there to inspect a car from japanese used car after paying it you can send the same car of the same quality and from this i can learn that you people can be trusted and people would buy a car from japan.

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