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Winnie Mwadzala from Kenya message

Winnie Mwadzala from Kenya message
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you should pick me as a winner cor I like visiting Car From Japan web site and I do sell Japanese used car even though not direct from but from other dealers
who get the cars from you./
if i may be given the opportunity, i may start selling my own cars direct from you.
Here in Kenya people like us should be rewarded because we campaign for your company and tell our people to buy Japanese used cars from time to time hence the cars from Japan are pocket friendly to our people as well us the Japanese used cars still looks better and performs well on our Kenyan roads.
in terms of maintenance also we find that a car from Japan has a variety of spare parts which are easily accessible in the countries spare parts shops and also at a fare price. this makes the market grow bigger and becomes popular hence our people like what is easily accessible and affordable.
in other words Japanese used cars are good to maintain.

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