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Wilfred Ouma from Kenya message

Wilfred Ouma from Kenya message
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I come from Kenya, and most cars have stickers written ‘the car in front of you is probably a Toyota’ and sure enough we drive more Japanese Used cars than any other country in East Africa and for me this represent japan as the preferred car import destination for me, us. I want to be one of those people driving one such Car From Japan with a sticker behind me proudly displayed. If you pick me as the winner, you will not just hear or see me at the point of proudly receiving the car but i promise to be your marketing ambassador wherever i will drive my car to, continue to write reviews and refer people to you as long as you are in business. Here in Kenya many people are only aware of the likes of SBT Japan and so it will be my responsibility to introduce them to you [ Car From Japan] as the better option in the Export of Used Japanese Cars Sector.
Trust and Reliability are the words that describes Used Japanese Cars and you have an amazing website which is user friendly and where thousands of used Japanese cars are available with detailed info about them, you don’t need to call customer care representative at first glance of the car to inquire more info because all information about your preferred car is right there on your computer screen. The several photos uploaded in the Car From Japan website is very helpful, giving a client all the available viewing angles to their used Japanese car of choice thereby creating an environment of trust because there is nothing hidden from the client, i personally like that. The photos are equally very clear making it very easy to determine the external condition of any car you are viewing at any particular time. I love Car From Japan. Long live Car From Japan.

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