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Waziri from Tanzania message

Waziri from Tanzania message
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you always produce the best,gualified and quality Car and also marketable car.people enjoy when driving becous inside of it there’s a good condition,good sits and good looking.moreover you produce the Car of any price according to standard and needs of always appriciate your products.wish you all the best and god bless addition,if possible the car from japan should open the industries by investing in different countries especcially Tanzania so as to reduce the cost for transporting those cars from Japan to other countries.Also to have good policy that will make anypeople to get the cars of anystandard from your countries(Japan).The car from japan should also find the Agents in different countries that will help them to advertise and sell cars to people according to their standard and qualit and needs of people.thankyou and be blessed not only today but always…WHY SHOULD YOU PICK ME AS A WINNER? you should pick me as a winner due to the following reasons.first,according to my points this means that if i have the higher points than others probably your going to pick me as a winner.second, you will pick me as a winner becouse for now here in Tanzania am the agent of selling different cars from different countries especially cars from china,england,usa and Japan….so i want to be a permanent agent for selling car from Japan if you will be read and willing to sing a contract with me.thirdly,that car will help
me in tax for finding custemers and places where there is a good market of cars.probably i appreciate your cars products and i wish to do bissness with you so as we can achieve our goals.all the best and have a nice work.

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