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Wasili Mathumula from Malawi message

Wasili Mathumula from Malawi message
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In fact I will indeed write something over this campaign. First of all I would like to congratulate the CarFromJapan Co Ltd for introducing yourselves with pomp. To some of us this is the first time to hear about your company. All we were familiar with was BEFORWARD and others. Secondly, starting with a campaign is not a joke. You have shown that you are good at entrepreneurship. This will also prove to the prospective buyers that you are genuine. We have cases of cars being displayed for sale on internet appearing as if they are in good condition but once bought, customers have cried foul due to deceit. You will be approved. I wish that CarFromJapan be among the most selling car company in Malawi. Thirdly, I can assure you that I own a car (Harrier) but I have taken this as an honour to participate in this campaign – no matter who have shared this link to me. All what I know is that this is original from your company. Fourthly, I would like to be part of you in your everyday endeavour. You may be wandering as to why I chose Passo of the cars on offer; these are the most common cars in Malawi. I understand they have a very big advantage over a number of small cars. To begin with, Passo has a very good fuel consumption, carrying capacity is 5 like most big cars, it also has a sizable boot for baggage. I have the same feeling that it will not cost you much to ship it due to its small size. Now depending on the entry regulations for Malawi, anything less than ten years do not attract a lot of tax hence the range from 2006 to 2010. Anything in this range will attract only fifty percent of the actual price as duty. Lastly, I feel I am the rightful winner of a mentioned car because the presence of a car from you brand in our area will increase a number of those wishing to do business with you. So when giving out prizes consider spreading the prizes worldwide. Malawi should not be forgotten. Rest I forget, In case you would like to contact me. please use my email address as provided (, you will be assured of my receipt because I am frequently connected most of the time. I rest my case.

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