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walter ongaya oyuga from Kenya message

walter ongaya oyuga from Kenya message
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Hi have been an admirer of Japanese products expesially cars because they are of high quality and admirable given chance I can be the good will ambassador to Japan motors and help people know that owning a car is as easy has owning a mobile phone because Japan has made it possible in fact its a dream come true to the low and middle class earners who gets an average of one dollar a day.
This promotion is real and I would advice everyone to try their luck . Japan has been a good country to be in being the leader modern technology ,that’s why they won wold cup due to their skills and a ability to innovate by identity the weaknesses and putting much effort on their strength in order to develop new idea hence new technology.
My most desired car is Toyota branded car more so the Toyota wish,this has been my dream car for years because of its efficiency, comfort,reliability and ability to overcome different terrain. Again this car is very efficient in both personal and business gain so when given ability to export used and new cars from your workshops I would import more of this Toyota model because its adorable by many people hence high demand and increased sales.
Am akenyan and I would encourage the government of Japan to increase their workshop here inn

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