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Wai linn from Myanmar message

Wai linn from Myanmar message
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Thank for messaging me. 🙂
I didn’t know that this competition was for real and i just came to check some cars because i really love cars. And i knew that this site is really interesting and i check it every single days about my points .. haha. My share for that link doesn’t support a lot for you as i don’t have a lot friends on facebook. It is very nice that you are giving away free cars for people especially who can’t effort to buy or doesn’t have a chance to buy. As i am human being, i also want to have that kind of chance. If i get a car from you, it is like my dream comes true!!! I’ll really appreciate it No matter i get it or not, i am happy to join this competition. This is my first time joining this kinds of competition. And i didn’t expect that you would send message to me. Very nice customer service. As you know customer service is very important for an organization! Thank for doing such kinds of car give away. Very great indeed !!!
I wish your organization(@Car From Japan) be more successful in future. Always support @Japanese used car.
Sorry for my bad English language 🙂
With best wishes,
Customer, Wai Linn

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