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Vivek Bansal from India message

Vivek Bansal from India message
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Dear Ms. Hana Yurimoto,

you should be pick me as the winner because in the the whole day i am surfing internet 20 hours… i am fully update on the social networking sites facebook, twitter, and google+ also. so i can do promotion for your company very easily. even i was student for the engineering i have a big student with me.. right now i am working with a multinational company. so i can also usages my all sources for promotion of your company. if you will pick me as winner then i will work with your company as my own company.. i will do my best for this company. and i promise also company will appreciate my work surly. and i am from india and i hope you must be aware the population and nature of the India. right now india is developing very fast. India is the biggest market for the cars… so i hope if company will promotion for their product seriously then company will get many orders. and company can sell plenty cars in the india and can be also make hold on indian car market.. and company can make more profit. even i can also work in this matter for company.

i hope car from japan is selling good products and all people must be bu car from the car from japan. here is very easy to buy a good car and also easy form selection the good car. even these all car are certified fro the so here is no possibility for bad quality car. every car is passing under the observation of experienced and skilled technician i hope car from will be best used car from japan.

so in the last, again i want to say, if you will pick me as the winner then i will be in profit and even company will be also in more profit

Thanks and Regards

Vivek Bansal

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