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Vincent Mokaya from Kenya message

Vincent Mokaya from Kenya message
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Dear Car From Japan,

My name is Vincent Mokaya, and I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya. I got a notification in my email and became interested in the contest for the Japanese used cars. So i joined and i’m trying to increase my points so that i can be the ultimate winner.
I believe in competition and since most of my friends have been importing their cars from Japan because they’re trusted with cars of good quality and comply to our country import regulations hence less hustle. The time taken for the cars to arrive at the port is much faster and hence Car From Japan is a convenient car dealer number 1 with most clients being from our country Kenya.
The process at the port of Mombasa clearing is much easier because of the frequent imports made from Japan. This motivated me more to join the competition, share it to more other people to join and also to increase my chances of becoming a winner.

I am writing this wishing for a consideration for the Car From Japan competition. I will do my part in sharing the link in my email to more people to join also earning me more points.

Cars for mobility.

Thank you for your time!


Vincent Mokaya

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