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Vincent Aming'a Akama Achimba from Kenya message

Vincent Aming'a Akama Achimba from Kenya message
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Hi Hana,
Thank you for appreciating my partipation to this competition. I participate after being introduced through yahoo mail by a friend Kennedy Njuguna who had imported for me a toyota fielder car from Japan early last year.
Immediately after after the purchase he invited me to engage on the purchasing and selling of japanese used cars, which I am currently working hard to build capital to enable me start the business and even even more people so as to climb the financial as my friend has done.
I wish to be the Car From Japan competion winner, which if it happens will promote my desire to be a trader for Japannese used cars for witnesses of the same will trust the brand. Also this will enable me build a platform to promote the Car From Japan sponsors and the brand.
This is my dream, to be the Car From Japan competition winner, trader of cars, parts and machinery and brand and sponsors representation in East Africa.
Yours Vincent.

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