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vincent akolo from Kenya message

vincent akolo from Kenya message
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the reasons you should pick me as the winner is as bellow. for a long time I have been running a children home that is not funded, the demands are high, I have to move a lot, visit the children in their homes, go to their schools, take them to hospital and sometimes attend to emergencies, there is a lot of community work involved it this, some times i am called at odd hours in the night, using public transport is not easy because our system is not as developed as in your country, the costs of public transport are also high and you cant get transport during late hours. if I get a car from japan, I can easily do all these things and attend to my family and other things as well. not only that,
I have for a long time loved Japanese used cars, this is because the maintenance is good and they come as good as new.
I have noticed that when they come even the mileage is quite low. I also love Japanese used cars because the models get to our market faster, so we don’t have to wait for so long before getting some of the latest models.
the best part is, they are low on fuel consumption, easy to maintain and service parts are easily available.
cars from japan are easily adaptable on our roads, we have some bad roads but we can drive well with these cars because they can be adopted for our roads easily. the safety technology is good and many mechanics in Kenya understand cars from japan well so repairs are not a problem.
a cars from japan have small and big engine capacity so that one has the option to choose from the available options depending on what is convenient for them. cars from japan have some of the best designs I have seen and they keep coming every other day.
being that I do a lot of travelling while I help these children, I meet a lot of people. I believe I am better placed to market and promote your company ‘car from japan’ where I go, so that many people can get to know more about car from japan. being that I am a good marketer, I can use my skills to benefit car from japan.
selling Japanese used cars should not be a problem because for a long time, Japanese cars have made a name in Kenya, and many people go for them as the first option. to make maters better, our roads are undergoing major repairs, and these will encourage more people to buy cars from japan.
all said and done, it is a good thing to have a car, a sense of pride and a feeling of hurray. easy movement and I can get to places I could not access easily before. it is my prayer that you will consider me for these car, so that you help me be a blessing to a child in Kenya. I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

thank you again

Vincent akolo

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