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Vider Mghase from Tanzania message

Vider Mghase from Tanzania message
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I think you should choose me as a winner for the following reasons:-
1:-I really really love and adore driving for its one among my biggest dreams and having a car
2:-When i get the car i will use it for home use and i will be helping students who i meet on the road on there way to school during rainy season and even dry seasons but i will help them in saving there bus fairs to school
3:-I will use my car helping my surrounding society Eg. When a patient is sick during the night/expectants i will take risk and driving them to the hospital with no any charges.
4:-I love volunteering and i will assure my country, my family, my society and even friends gonna benefit from that car from heaven .

Cars from Japan is the best company for importing cars and if i would have money i would have imported one but for God’s will i will win one of the cars or prizes , Secondly cars from Japan is the best simply because it take part in helping people winning the cars and other prices and it take part stimulating urbanisation in a lot of nations mostly in Africa
all is well i have no much more to express to you guys rather than asking God to protect you in your daily activities, I will be happy when am chosen as a winner and i will make sure no body laments badly about me winning the car unless it’s for personal interest.





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