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Veronica Kachale from Malawi message

Veronica Kachale from Malawi message
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Dear Hana,
I find it so interesting for companies like Car From Japan to be conduction compettions. To which it gives chance to people like me to win and have my own car which could have taken me a loan or many years of saving to earn one. I believe by the grace of God I will be among the winners. Japanise cars all good even if it is a used one since roads in Japan are good they still look new to us here.

They are duarable you can use it for over two years without changine anything even though in case of accidents spair parts are also easy to find locally. Japanise used cars are cheap compaired to buying a braind new car from within malawi like at Toyota Malawi.

Though we do not have our own port but getting your car in Tanzania is also more fun and cost not much.

I am praying for the grace of God and His favourto be on my enter and looking forward to winning first price, and owning my own car this year In Jesus Name.

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