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VERONICA K. MALABWE from Tanzania message

VERONICA K. MALABWE from Tanzania message
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As you can see I am the best marketer, though Im using one type of social media but i have tried my best to sensitize people on what car from japan is doing. i tried to share the link using my time line but the response did not convice me.

later i decided to share it on individuals time lime the responce was really excellent.

i even tried to share it on groups and the responce was good as well, as you can see by yourself.

i even tell people by phone or watsup and chatting about this competition about the car from japan and i know that if they click on that link they will be interested to see what is happening on car from japan.

but the problem which i have seen is most of people here dont have access of internet so its hard for them to apply, coz its difficult to enter the competition using phone than a computer. even me it was so hard for me to enter the competetion using a phone up until i decided to use a computer.

as you can see from all these efforts im trying to sell the car from japan so that it shd be known here in malawi.

these car cars bfrom japan are really nice, durable and they are even cheaper in terms of the prices and most of the cars which are sold from from this company the spare parts are easily found here.

even if you buy a second hand car, i9f it hjas a problem they tell you while on market, so that you can decide by yourself whether to buy it or not. they even show the photos of the car while on market so that you should hjave a picture of what type of a car you are buying.

shipping is easier because when applying they tell how much you will pay for shipping and its them who will do shipping up to the nearest port so you do not have to stress yourself, you just pay the shipping payment and the cars payment, they do it for you. but it will be your responsibility to take the car from your nearest port to your home.

in conclusion i say this is the best car sellers coz they sell their car of all types of your choices. you will never regret. try it, you will testify.


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