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valdez baptiste from St. Lucia message

valdez baptiste from St. Lucia message
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Dear Miss Hana,
I appreciate this opportunity with ‘Car from Japan’. Its my first time on this used car exporter website, and I must say, I Love it. The interface is very friendly. For all car exporting business I will come here and I will refer people to also. I thank you for those welcoming words, they’re heart warming. I am a young car enthusiast currently attending college. I have been longing for an opportunity to own a car from Japan. From a very young age, everything for me has been cars. I know most Japanese cars by appearance. All my friends are always astonished how I can just watch and name all cars on the road by appearance. Sometimes, I judge an unknown car based on the shape which is sometimes similar to a generation before and get the name correct. Even cars’ layout I know pretty well, like FR, FF, 4WD, etc. At about twelve years old, I wanted to be a race car driver, but this has evolved to an automotive engineer. One day I plan to visit Japan, this would be like the perfect vacation for me, just walking around amidst all those fantastic cars you all produce over there would be satisfying. I Love the Fast and Furious movie – Tokyo Drift for this reason. Its all about Japanese cars. Down here, in St.Lucia majority of vehicles are Japanese.
When it comes to sporty cars from Japan I like the celica, altezza, silvia, skyline, rx7, fairlady, lancer evo, 3000gt and impreza and many more. Oh and the pick ups you all produce over there are the best. Especially the hilux, I love them. They’re strong and rugged. I reside in the rural part of St.Lucia and I am planning to go into crop cultivating, in order to further my studies at a University. I’m going to source a 96 hilux two door to purchase to use as my farm truck when I am ready. I am on the verge of establishing a car washing service in the city.
The opportunity you all are giving is like a dream coming true. I would like to thank you ‘Car From Japan’ and your sponsors with all My Heart. I really appreciate this opportunity. I am studying to become a mechanical engineer. One day I plan to establish a vehicle repair and maintenance shop here in St.Lucia. I like this competition because you work to win. You have to advertise and write up an essay and the more you do, the better your chances. It all depends on you. I believe in order to live comfortably and satisfying one need to work hard, do everything to the fullest and engage in all you can. I am a teenager, and that’s my guide. I initially wanted a Toyota Altezza, but I was thinking it would be best if I requested a bigger sedan so that I can engage in taxi driving down here. A big sedan would be a better investment for me, I will be able to earn a income part-time with it- on weekends or after school. The car will be a part of my life. I cannot finance everything on my own, if I get the car to the port that would be substantial. I will be able to manage the rest. If I win a car from Car From Japan, it will be very special to me because I didn’t just buy it, I expressed my need for it, and was gifted with. I will surely cherish this car. I will never sell it no matter what. If you all pick me as the winner, I guarantee that the car will be taken care of and it will be going towards a cause. It will be an investment for a young man trying to start up and establishing his foundation for life. It will cause a positive change in my life. If I have a car to engage in taxi, plus a car wash business and I am farming, I would feel satisfied at this age. I will feel secure. I will have enough to save and live comfortably. This competition is the best, it gives people an investment opportunity, I hope they use it to the fullest. Again, I thank You- Car From Japan and all your sponsors for this opportunity. I wish you all the best with this promotion and the best with business.
Best Wishes,
Valdez Baptiste

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