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Turinawe Johnson from Uganda message

Turinawe Johnson from Uganda message
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I would like to appreciate car from Japan for giving me the Chance to play the game. My name is Johnson a Ugandan aged 32. I have completed Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Finance ) and currently doing a sales and Marketing Job with Crown Beverages limited.

I consider myself to be innovative and hard-working. I value integrity highly and can work with minimum supervision .I am a quick learner and treasure professionalism where necessary. I am flexible, a quick thinker and I take keen interest in learning. I cherish the virtue of team work and determined to lead a life that will make it easier for others to live.

I don’t have a car yet now but am very sure that am going to win the best car of my dream. And show all Ugandans and the whole world the best car from Japan.

There are many things that I base on to gain confidence and courage, and immediately when selection is done am sure will win this car.

I have posted and encouraged many face book users to participate in the game and encourage them to buy cars from Japan most especially used cars.

I had long time a go wished to own one and even began saving for the Japanese car because of various reasons possibly you will see later.

I have sent many mails to all my friends about the on going promotion from cars from Japan

Am very sure that, I will continue marketing for the company after winning my car and all people around me will automatically be affiliated to car from Japan.
I also appeal to all of you by chance who may read this message that; Cars from Japan are affordable and strong, their fuel consumption is low, spare parts are available all over the world and available engineers for Japanese cars.

They are very fast with hard body and they can be delivered to any destination if purchased.

I must appreciate the Marketing team for Cars from Japan because they have done what it takes to create more awareness about cars from Japan. In Uganda for example even a kid of 5 years knows that all cars are made from Japan. In social media its amazing and my dear don’t give up
you at the climax only engage the overtaking gear.


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