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Tumpale Moses Mbisa from Malawi message

Tumpale Moses Mbisa from Malawi message
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A car from japan is one of high quality and excellent technological enhancement. i love japan in generally. the culture, the manga, the anime, the arts, especially the technology. I believe a car from japan is fuel efficient and excellent performance. I believe so given the level of technology and sophistication Japan is known for, their cars should be top notch and economical too. For example how the Nissan GT is made!! That’s a masterpiece, So i take my pride in Japanese cars seriously. Arigato gozaimas!!

If picked the winner, the advertisement of the company will be let out in my part of the country where the consumer appetite is for small, efficient, low fuel consumption, practical and reliable car. This would greatly increase the demand for your cars when they see the efficiency the car I would have won.
98% of the cars here are Japanese….. that much tells you our love for your cars. Mostly access to your cars are difficult because of high taxes by government after the trend of the type and kinds of cars that were coming in.
Personally I would like to come to your country, the technological advancement if beyond any other, its clearly shown in the intricates found in the car…. Though GPS tracking doesn’t work because no installation, according to me, have ever been found for Malawi. Would be sweet if you did.
Simplicity of its build is interesting. Simple yet durable. Doesn’t breakdown as rumours would say of your cars. Though could be true cause of our rough terrains.

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