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Trevor Glenn Tsvangirayi from Zimbabwe message

Trevor Glenn Tsvangirayi from Zimbabwe message
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i think i am the suitable person to win a car from Car From japan because the car i chose is my dream car but i cannot afford it at the moment. Even though it may be a Japanese used car i would greatly appreciate it because it would represent dream come true. If i win i can be a great ambassador for Car From Japan because i am naturally a communications person by nature and by profession and i will work hard to make Car From Japan more visible and known in Zimbabwe. So i am keeping my fingers crossed.

I think that car from japan can do more to improve its visibility in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole in order to ward of competition from other established Japanese used car exports. i would also like to commend car from japan for this promotion because it shows that Car From Japan cares about its customers whilst at the same time engaging in an aggressive on line marketing campaign to make its business more visible

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