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Tongai Mwenje from Zimbabwe message

Tongai Mwenje from Zimbabwe message
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Car From Japan especially Japanese used car has become synonymous with the Zimbabwean market and it has become like the most Japanese used car consumer in Africa. If you pick me as one of the winners in this competition you are assured that your brand is well represented and to the relevant market. Besides, i am also in the motor car industry so representing your company in this ecosystem will be a double bonus to your company as well. I run sites that can connect you to several potential buyers, for instance, i run a platform with a total traffic of 16 000 people that are directly linked to me, people are directly communicate with everyday and that is the value you get if your company is represented by a person of my caliber. I am also connected to various big organisations around the country and marketing your products will only take you engaging me through that competition. I am not trying to persuade you but i am just giving the value that you can get from engaging people like myself. Hope this will interest you if you are serious in increasing your sales in Africa. Thank you

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