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Tobias Varela from Malawi message


My name is Tobias. I am 25 years old and currently taking driving lessons in Blantyre, Malawi. I will have my driver’s license in June this year. It is also my birthday in July and I would love my first car to be from Japan.

My aunt from Mozambique recommends Car From Japan and Trade Car View as the exclusive 2 companies I should buy my first car from.
My family has good opinions about Car From Japan and some have mixed opinions about either Car From Japan or Trade Car View. I personally do not have an opinion yet. But this contest will definitely tip the balance in the favor of Car From Japan. I am a very loyal customer and always prefer buying my goods from one business. It makes life more simple for me and even allows me special offers, knowledge of batches ahead of time and in rare cases precedence over competing customers (unbeknownst to these customers of course).
Knowing these benefits, is what makes me a 1 market-per-merchandise type of guy. I hope I get selected for the 2015 car giveaway campaign.
If I do get selected, I have my hopes set on a good Japanese used car, preferrably an SUV/4×4 Toyota or Nissan since the car dealership in Malawi for these cars is superb. (I know for a fact Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Suzuki are evenly popular. But my personal choice is a Toyota Land Cruiser/Hilux or a Nissan Navara)
My favorite car is the all new Nissan NP300 – link:×156.jpg

I like Japanese cars because even the 4 wheel drives are cost efficient when it comes to fuel and spare parts. I work as a language tutor and translator, and I am starting my own business this year, so I will need a durable car with less problems down the road. A Japanese used car is the best option for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
Sincerely yours,

Tobias Varela.

PS: After your campaign, if you need my translation services I will provide them Pro-Bono. All I demand in return for these services is a written recommendation of my translation services to Car From Japan. I currently translate:
English to French, Portuguese and Danish
French to English, Portuguese and Danish
Portuguese to English, French and Danish
Danish to English, French and Portuguese
(Note: my services will be free-of-charge)

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