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Tinotenda T Sakarombe from Zimbabwe message

Tinotenda T Sakarombe from Zimbabwe message
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Hallo CFJ

CarFromJapan you are doing a superb job in the motor industry. Therefore carfromjapan should pick me a winner because i got attracted to the link so much that i applied and shared with others , in this case , spreading the gospel of good cars you have.

I got my drivers license in 2013 and so far not have driven any car, its now my time that carfromjapan award my successful driving with a car.I want to drive myself in the car send by CarFromJapan nothingelse.

Carfromjapan should pick me as the winner because of my first name’s meaning; Tinotenda , means Thank you. As such i am already thanking carfromjapan for making me a winner and also initially making me join the competition.

I deserve to win now because having a car has become a reality for all and i have been patient enough with some other car competitions that came and go. I was never given a chance to express myself like what carfromjapan is doing; you have made me special and i hope this treat will lead to my winning.

I have become a young father now with my wife and kid, its our youthful life where we want to be so outgoing, a car from CFJ will now make this possible.

Car From Japan pick me as a winner and you will discover yourself at the center of my heart and i will recommend others to buy cars from CFJ.

As a winner i would also research and work on becoming your brand representative here in Zimbabwe.

I feel am a winner because of my ranking and i am not done yet , i still need to punch more points.

If Carfromjapan, makes me a winner , you would have changed my whole life, this is the only chance you can do so, dear Carfromjapan never miss this chance, live a legacy and i want to feel your impact and value addition in me.

Car From Japan has become a strong and longstanding competitive brand globally and its cars are genuine and efficient on the road.

CarfromJapan you have the best expertise in car business.Vehicles bought are received in good condition and buyers are extremely happy and grateful with your service.

Carfromjapan handles business and customers professionally, the staff is so receptive and make follow ups on potential buyers each time , therefore creating a buyer and CFJ bond.

I see CarFromJapan spreading its wings across the continents , becoming a major car exporter above every competitor.

CarfromJapan’s Japanese used cars have fuel use efficiency and they are neat in condition.
There is no way CarfromJapan exports these used cars to last a short period in the hands of the importer.

We have our trust in you.


Tinotenda T Sakarombe

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