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Thomson Jere from Malawi message

Thomson Jere from Malawi message
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I am thrilled by the prospect of winning a Japanese used car and I greatly thank the management of Car From Japan for this opportunity for me and million others who are relishing at this great opportunity. It would really be good to win a Japanese used car as at the time being I am under-resourced to afford a car purchase; I greatly desire to own a car right now and this opportunity from you guys at Car From Japan if it would land in my favour would enable me to drive because currently I am finding it hard to operate to work and other social events because public transports are very unreliable here in Malawi.

Japanese used cars are easy to maintain because of the standard spare parts which are available in Malawi and I believe if I would be the Car From Japan winner of one of the cars I would be able to look after it with ease.

One other thing that winning a Japanese Used Car from Car From Japan would bring in is free advertisement of Car From Japan products. I have many friends and relatives who are in the middle class (Middle class is a high potential market for Japanese Used Cars in Malawi because most of the middle class people here in my poor country, Malawi, cannot afford to purchase a brand new car and hence opt for used cars from other countries and Japanese Used Cars are the most popular among this class of our society), if these people hear the news that I have won a Japanese used Car from Car From Japan, I believe it would greatly inspire them to buy their own Japanese Used cars from Car From Japan because I strongly believe this would occur to them to be a very good corporate responsibility gesture by the Car From Japan team. It would also give them an opportunity to appreciate the high quality Japanese Used Cars being offered by Car From Japan which maybe some of them were doubtful of.

Even beyond me and car From Japan, my winning of this Japanese Used Car would go an extra mile to greatly strengthen the bilateral relations prevalent between the Japanese and Malawian nations. I believe this could be used as good Publicity for the two governments by mentioning that their relationship goes beyond the government offices but is extended to personal relationship between the people of the two nations as demonstrated by the gesture from Car From Japan.

Thank You Very much! ありがとう


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