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Thembinkosi Nkomo from Zimbabwe message


I would love to win the Japanese used car because i need it to take my little baby ( 8 month old son) along with me when i go to work out of town which happens frequently. I will of cause buy a car seat for him to sit in the car hahaha. I cannot go with him using public transport because long journeys are uncomfortable for the little ones. i would be happy to win the car from CAR FROM JAPAN because their cars are durable, neat, clean and in good condition meaning i will keep the car for a very long time. Maybe i will give it to my son to drive when he turns 17 😀

We will also use the car to travel around to see relatives who live far away, a personal car makes it easy and convinient to travel because we get to manage time as we travel at our own pace. Our very first visit in the car will be to our grandmother who gives birth to my father. We rarely get to visit her because she lives far out of town.

Thank you Car From Japan for the amazing opportunity to win a car. I have been waiting for such a chance for a long time and hope to win if the Japanese proverb which says – 果報は寝て待て kahou wa nete mate “Good things come to those who wait” – is to be believed 😉

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