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Theko Lerotholi from Lesotho message

Theko Lerotholi from Lesotho message
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Japanese used car.. very warm greetings from Africa (Lesotho). well, what do i think about cars from Japan? I got a lot to say than the maximum word count allows me to mention, as you know my country has no car manufacturer so one way of having a car is importing it from japan,this just benefits us and I am thrilled with it because cars from japan are of great affordable price, very reliable and always in mint condition,that’s something guaranteed. The first time my family owned a car from Japan,it was a 1998 MITSUBISHI Pajero 3500 GDI, even till this date the car still roars like a lion,this cars are just very reliable period.So far I haven’t bought a car from your website, but truth to be told if I had the money to I would buy one. The reason being, Your website is very well integrated and user friendly (accessible), your stocks are are updated daily, so there is a large variety of cars to choose from,you specify everything clearly about your cars for e.g (1 owner,non-smoker,extras etc) you have a very good support page and help line,your FAQ”s are clear and well understood. your website is secure and verified and which is very legitimate and provides assurance for security when a customer buys a car. You are also available on social medias which is a great way of advertising. why should you pick me as the winner?well I love cars especially from Japan ,i would like to have one, sadly i can not afford it , i need one to take my luggage and study books, to be able to drive my mother to and from work, to be able to help out my father with his veterinary field work. to have one that I could own and just have it close to my heart. I always wished I could be able to visit Japan but i can’t , and the one and only way of having Japan close to me is having a car from Japan. Just say i’m a Japanese fanatic and a proud one too. Just seeing myself holding a car key with a VW logo of a golf touran in the palm of my hands from you would be a wish come true and would put a never ending smile on my face and tears of joy. Thank you for giving this opportunity.

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