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Tendaishe Nkomo from Zimbabwe message


i feel you should choose me as a winner because i am a hardworking mother with two kids and having a car will make my life easier moving around or doing schools runs at the moment i can hardly afford to buy myself car but winning one would be a dream come true. furthermore having a car will also help my business grow as i am a farmer a car will make it easier for me to sell my products and move around and do deliveries to those at home it will allow my markert to grow thereby making an extra income for me. its very difficult moving around and selling frm yr bag as it is heavy and puts strain on my hands and back so winning this car would go a long way in improving my situation and also it will help me move around with my kids be able to take them to school without them walking its especially difficult in winter. i think Cars from Japan are an answer from heaven because long back few people owned a vehicle but Car from Japan has made it accessible and affordable to all classes of people in our society. their cars are always in perfect condition and they have made it affordable for all people and have gone the extra mile in where and how you ca collect your cars they have a wide variety which suits our different budgets which means they have a car for everyone and anyone. i would definitely choose cars from Japan. Japanese used cars are user friendly and affordable. Japanese used cars have made life easier for everyone. Cars from Japan have excellent service and you are assured that you get exactly what you ordered and they deliver your vehicle on time

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