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Tanya Govindan from Zimbabwe message


I think I should win as I have had 2 cars stolen from me. Yip very depressing, ever since I have been using public transport which is a death threat to me daily. I leave at 5.00am in the morning which takes me 3 hours to get to work. After work, the long stretch of walking or catching the public transports starts again. Many times I have to rely on walking as funds do not permit the transport. Basically I spend 6 hours of my day walking or catching public transport. My social life has disappeared as everywhere I wish to go I have to consider how I am going to get to my destination. I had to take my son aged 14 out of school due to the transport factor as I will not allow him to catch the public transport in Harare as it is so badly affected. My husband also has to walk to his work place daily and it is a big stress which we feel daily. However I am truly grateful to the man up above as he has blessed us with good health in order to meet our daily targets. I personally feel I need a car from Japan and winning one care whether it be a Japanese used car or any car from Japan will enable me and my family to be mobile again, would be a total blessing to us all. Please consider me and my family – A total supporter for Cars from Japan or Japanese used cars.

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