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Talaivosa Tuliakiono from Tonga message


Dear Hana Yurimoto,

My apology for the late reply.

First i want to say thank you all for the great competition that makes me really want to join and part of your Company to persuade it to others like families and friends. To be honest the last 5 years i was dreaming of having a little car to drive my parents to the hospital but lately last year my Mother passed away in August but my dream still on as of i can’t afford to buy me a car. After my Mom passed away i always spend a lot of time on internet searching for a Car give away from your Country. I do recommend Car from Japan because it’s very useful and looking at the price you offer on your website it’s very affordable for everyone.

Furthermore, I wish best of luck for your Company and i am happy to hear from you in any time convenient to you.

Thank you so much
Talaivosa Tuliakiono.

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