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Tabitha Karani from Kenya message

Tabitha Karani from Kenya message
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Car from Japan by there very nature are the best cars, whether new or Japanese used car there are impeccable and of best quality. The eco-friendly features that Japanese used car are inline with my personal goal and my countries goal. Reliability is also one of the core values for Japanese car and this is mind makes to trust any Car from Japan which are in stellar condition.
I would love to win a VW POLO car that is eco-friendly, equipped with latest features, fuel efficient, low cost of maintenance and compromising the quality.
I would be a grateful and really humbled if i won a car, Honestly i have been saving and saving and the monies seems to be used for emergency that crop up. My Cousin has leukemia and he required 8 million for his medical. As much i had save to get a Car from Japan, i couldn’t bear seeing my cousin being in pain and despair. Then i saw the ad. and i thought to my self this is God given opportunity, and the angels being Japanese used car. The fact that alll the Japanese used car are eco-friendly and fuel efficient makes me accustomed to want to winning a car that i will not strain me financial and friendly to the environment around me.

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