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sympathy sibanda from Zimbabwe message

sympathy sibanda from Zimbabwe message
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Hie guys

Its incredible to be part of this competition .I am very confident that i will win and i am doing my best to share thgis great news with everyone i know.

I have recently started a business with my husband and we really need a car to run our communications business effeciently and effectively.I hope we will win a beautiful car from one of your renowned stock.

i love your professionalism and dedication to your customers,this is what i will uphold as i drive my car from your stock.

Car From Japan is different from other importing companies as you guys are dedicated to staisfy the customer and take special care and attention in making the customer choose the best car from your stock to suit their needs.
I am a Zimbabwean and we are one of the biggest importers of Japanese vehicles,If i win a vehicle from your company i will be an ambassador for this company ,Me and my husband will start recruiting a lot of people to buy from you guys.

My husband and i are also celebrities in our country and many people look upto us for advice .We are journalists,poets ,musicians and actors ,for more information please refer to ,and you can also google our names which are Takemore Mazuruse and Sympathy Sibanda and these can show you how much influence we have in our country.We are perfect ambassadors in Zimbabwe for your brand.

I am confident in your company stock as much as i am confident and dedicated to win this competition.

thank you very much,i am grateful for having you send me this link to the competition,i will do my best to do everything that enatils me to win this car.I wouldnt mind parading the car everywhere i go,and it can be written a winner from Car From Japa with my face and your logo on it and we can hold a celebration and press releases with me representing you and talking about how great it is to buy a car from your company which will also be my company since i already feel as if i am part and parcel of you as i am actively involved in this campaign and competition.
together we will reach far and wide,there is no stopping the winners and there is no obstruction that can stop us from getting the best no matter what may come.

till i write to you again


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